Friday, March 15, 2013

Giant Dogs and Weird Funerals

I dreamed that the husband of a family friend had committed suicide. He looked like a newscaster but had been a football player. No one could understand why he had done it. The funeral was held at an old Catholic church in a rural area and I chose to sit in the back row because I don’t like funerals and if I’m going to get weepy then I prefer to be in the back row. It seems like I’ve had other dreams that took place in this same rural area/town. I happened to sit next to a thin-lipped woman who looked a lot like a character I had seen on Mary Tyler Moore the night before. She had blond hair and was dressed kind of plainly. She was older than me. She said she was the deceased’s sister. She kept talking to me, remarking about things as we waited for the funeral to start. At some point, two men - goth-punks - were walking around in the church. They were at least 40 years old and obviously really dedicated to being goth-punks because they were still doing it. Their hair was dyed black and one had a sort of grown out mohawk. They both were wearing eyeliner and black denim vests – jackets with the sleeves cut off. I assumed they were there to attend the funeral. Then they put on priest robes and began the funeral ceremony. The sister of the deceased was kind of shocked and appalled that these two goth punks were priests, but then someone else said that they had done a great thing for this church, they had revived it and gotten people in the area to attend again.

Both goth-punk priests were sitting at the front of the room and everything was wooden. It was afternoon outside so the light was not so bright inside. To the left of the rows of wooden pews was the entrance door which was blocked open because it was warm outside. As part of the funeral ceremony, giant real animals began filing in through the door, across the front of the room and then out another door which lead to a big covered tent picnic area, where a party was to be held after the funeral. First there was a giant puppy, which was about the size of Clifford the big red dog, but he was black. Then there was a mini-elephant, and then a huge over-sized grizzly bear, who growled loudly and startled everyone.

At the party afterwards, my brother and his wife and my parents were sitting at a table away from the rest of the people, but my sister had changed into really short shorts and was dancing on a table. I got really mad at her for doing that. Then I went back to a hotel room with my brother and his wife to go to sleep. We woke up the next morning at 10:30 and realized that we were supposed to have checked out at 8:00.

This dream pairs well with the following meal:
Tuna melts. Make tuna salad however you want. My secret ingredients are two big plops of dill pickle relish and a little dill, and red or white chopped onions, in addition to the regular stuff. Put it on toast and melt a slice of cheese on top. I prefer sharp white cheddar, but do what you will. While you eat try to shake off that feeling that you are mad at your sister for something but you don't know what and remember that you were only mad at her in your dream.