Friday, November 2, 2012


I dreamed I was making soap in my basement. I was stirring a pot of hot water with lye in it. I know that in real life you are supposed to be very careful with lye; when making soap you're supposed to wear gloves and goggles and a mask and avoid breathing the fumes. But there I was, stirring a big aluminum (another big soap- making no no) pot of hot water & lye, getting my face all close to it and dipping my fingers in it. I remember specifically breathing in the fumes.

This dream pairs well with the following meal:
I would say that this time you should make soap, but unless you are prepared to be safe, that's not really a good idea. Instead, how about some good old fashioned lip balm? It's easy. Melt oil and beeswax together in a double boiler. The ratio is up to you. The more oil you use, the softer it will be, and the more beeswax you use, the harder. So really think on it before you make a decision, because once it's made, it's made and there's no going back.

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